Mar. 21st, 2013

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That subject line pretty much says it all, right? Dang, I'm tired today.

Thing the first: publication in Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 11, last September.
Thing the second: acupuncture continues to be awesome. It's magic, and they don't even hide it. (Props to Jo Walton for the observation for those who get the reference.)
Thing the third: looking forward to SoCal trip in a couple months.
Thing the fourth: met my master tailor (their website is, had my measurements taken, and was talked into two suits and four shirts at an excellent price. A lawyer is never overdressed when wearing a suit.
Thing the fifth: seriously adore the design aesthetic of Besame Cosmetics. Gorgeous feel (and fabulous makeup).
Thing the sixth: back to studying Spanish after a hiatus (Pimsleur Method), so I may post in Spanish here, but it's mostly oral, so, maybe not.
Thing the seventh: enjoying catching up with former co-worker on the phone.
Thing the eighth: I can be found on,,,,, (natch),,
Thing the ninth, or, general statement of intent: I intend to post here more often!
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Orange Blossom Oolong estate tea from English Tea Store (
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