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sidravitale's Journal

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Created on 2009-04-14 21:20:10 (#61259), last updated 2015-10-14 (105 weeks ago)

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Sidra is an attorney (immigration, environmental, energy), scientist, and writer of both fiction and non.

Why law? I wanted to do more good in the world and I didn't have the patience for a medical degree. Law seemed like a great tool for my toolkit. Human systems are just interesting me more and more these days, over physical ones. What can I say? I follow my obsessions.

Why science? Because I want to understand the world around me. Physics is cool. Chemistry is cool. Math is cool. It's all great.

Why write? Because. Just, because. I write feminist and political commentary on my blog, and track diseases, since just because I said I didn't have the patience for a medical degree doesn't mean I don't find infectious diseases incredibly INTERESTING. I write fiction, generally science fiction and fantasy, and appeared in the 2005 volume of the Writers of the Future anthology. Law school (2004-2007) and now law practice, obviously cuts pretty deeply into my writing time, but I did my best (and still do) to stay tantrum-free over it.

Past publications:

* "A Footfall of Cats", published in 2001, in Vol XVI of Peridot Books.
* "It's the Smell", published in May 2005 in Vol XXIV of Peridot Books.

Available Now:

* The 3rd WWWave of Feminism, founder, contributor. Feminism, politics. Since 1998.
* Parenthetically Speaking. A personal blog, covering topics from politics to food to science and law. (now relocat[ed]/[ing] to
* "My Daughter, the Martian", in The Writers of the Future v.XXI (anthology).

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