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I understand why I didn't say "yes" yesterday (I haven't answered yet): It's not really a junior lawyer position, which is what I expected to be after graduating, and it feels very strange to be staying around the school for another year, though I wouldn't be a student, but staff.

Con: The fellow does a lot of administrative support to the three academic centers (center for intl law and policy, center for law and social responsibility, and business law center) and a substantive project. Most of that is just not stuff you need a lawyer for, so I feel like I'm not "really" getting out there like I should after law school.

Pro: It's a job, a 10-month commitment starting in September, that puts me in a good position to move on to whatever the next thing is after that. I still want a judicial clerkship. The fixed length here means no strings, no long-term commitment.

Pro (writing): Having all of August off means I could be writing during that month, and I REALLY REALLY like that. And, since it's a 10-month fellowship, I could conceivably take next July off, too, before starting whatever comes next.

So, I think I just need to adjust my attitude, but I'm just not jumping up and down about the whole thing. I see room for a lot of frustration, and having to be delicate with people's expectations of what "the fellow" does, and manage relationships, and that's going to be genuinely annoying. I wouldn't have that if I got the mediator job with the A.G., but I haven't been offered that job, I just interviewed for it yesterday.

But, being realistic, I guess I'm always going to have to be delicate with people's expectations no matter what, and manage relationships, and that just happens to be learned behavior for me, not instinctive. Which means more work.

So, I'm accepting the offer to be the Center Fellow for the Center for Law and Social Responsibility, the Center for International Law and Policy, and the Center for Business Law.

Guess I better go tell the guy, huh?
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My mother wrote me a piece of doggerel[*] when I moved out here, that ends with "next stop -- juris doctor, delight!"

Well, yesterday I got my juris doctorate.

[*] It's not an insult, it's a type of poetry. Geez. You people.

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