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It looks like the MBTA launched an offensive a bit before sunset. The trolley drivers, light rail, and bus drivers have been mowing shamblers down as they spot 'em.

An hour and a half ago, I saw a bunch of kids walking, heads down, but checking their backs, you know? So I hauled out my binocs and gave 'em a look-see. I've had the lights off all night, so no one even thinks -- if the dead can think -- about creeping up here.

They were bait. Pure and simple. Son of a bitch, I'll never say an unkind word about the kids from Boston U again. This squad of you-know-whats followed 'em out into the intersection, and up came the Green Line train, barreling up the hill toward the intersection. You could tell the driver saw them, because he sped up instead of slowing down. Plowed right into them zombies. I saw an arm fly up at least 30 feet into the air.

Then, sweet as you please, the B line driver honked his horn, backed up about 20 feet so he wasn't blocking traffic, and let the kids on the train.

I saw the same crowd about 20 minutes later, pull the same trick from the other direction. And there's a bus driving through the intersection about every 5 minutes. I think they're patrolling the major thoroughfares.

Zombies are stupid.

Dammit. Maybe I should be out there, helping.
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Is that during an alleged (alleged, mind you) apocalypse, when you're watching some little old lady try to make her way toward you using her walker, just down from the Irving B. Matross Covenant House, you know, off the B Line, across from the Whole Foods?

The best thing about a law degree is that you actually catch yourself asking, hey, is this assault? Is this shambling monstrosity creating a reasonable apprehension of an offensive touching? Can I use deadly force in self-defense? Is she using or threatening (potentially) deadly force against me? What if that's "braaaaains" she's muttering in Russian? Even though I don't speak Russian, it's a reasonable inference that she wants to eat my brains, isn't it? I mean, we've all seen the movies.

It's not really deadly force if they're already dead, anyway. So, I think I've got a pretty good argument.

I'll be safe up here. All those osteoporized bones will never survive up three flights of stairs, and the elevator's always been possessed. It ain't goin' nowhere.

Guess I'm not, either. I'll just stay in and study.

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